Grinding Wheels

Diamond Grinding Wheel

CBN/Diamond Grinding Wheel
1.Types:1A1 1A1 Centeriess 14A1 4A1 14F1 1V1 1F1 1F1 4F1 14E1 14K1 4BT9 4B9 6A2 6A9 6V5 9A3 11A2 11V9 12A2 20° 12A2 45° 12C9 20° 12C9 45° 12V2 45° 12V9 45° 12V9 45°/70° 6A2WSP 11A2 60°/70°WSP 12A2 45°WSP 1A1R 1A8 1B1W 1A1W Any other sizes according to client's requirement
2.Abrasive: Diamond and CBN
3.Bond: intermetallic compound
4.Grit: D46-D64 B46-B100
5.Usage: with the feature fine machined surface and long service life, mainly applicable for grinding and polishing marble, glass, HSS, carbide, tungsten steel, stones, concrete, ceramic, asphalt and more
• Automatic equipment
• Experienced technical personnel
• Excellent after-sales service
• Cuts fast and efficiently
7.Grinding Characteristics
• high mechanical and chemical wear resistance
• high temperature resistance
• controlled porosity
• good coolant transportation to the grinding area
• good chip removal from grinding area
• high stock removal rate
• high dressability
8Technological leadership through
• high precision
• process reliability
• high productivity
• long lifetime
• first class service
• global presence